101 Things About Fe


Because I’m invited by DoctorEamer to write about 101 Things About Me, I thought of it first. You know, I’m ‘kinda busy,and writing about 101 things about me is not that easy you know. But, I’m challenged and here Im doing this thingy. So Dr.Eamer, here’s my 101 Things About Me 😀

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In Valentine’s Day

Happy valentines day hand lettering Adam KOON-1

Three more Days to go before Valentine’s Day 😀  (ayiihh I’m so excited) . Some people are excited for their dates (isa na ako dun :D) , some are busy thinking what to buy for there boyfriend/girlfriend, and some people are sad and bitter because they don’t have a partner for this love-love-love occasion. But don’t worry much, for Hearts Day is not only for couples but also for Friends, Best friends, and Family and also for God 🙂 Just stay with them and make them feel that you love and care for them.

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Best Friend : Lover


In our life we meet different people, every person we meet has a purpose. Some of them will be our friends, others will become our enemies, and their are people who will help and teach us in every aspect of our lives. And there, we meet people who will love us and leave us. Though it’s hurtful but we need learn how to move on because we should leave those people who cannot treat us good and sojourn to those people who loves, cares and understands us behind those imperfections that we have.

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2NE1’s ‘ I Am the Best ‘ originally released in June 2011, on YouTube and radio.  Over 100 million views on YouTube, and most requested song on radio. I Am the Best song was used as a Microsoft commercial in the new Surface Pro 3 tablet laptop. Watch this commercial of Microsoft and the Official Music Video of ‘I Am the Best’.

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